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July 2022

It is a brand new month. We celebrated America (HBD America!!). We barbecued. We relaxed with family and friends. We now have the next 25 days in front of us to improve our overall fitness level.

What is in store for July?

This month you will find that our programming is really going to pull together our skills. No matter what fitness level you are at, we want to help create the most dynamic overall athlete. That means we will work on our pullups, our handstands, our plyo moves and our dynamic strength.


We all have different skill levels. In group facility programming, It can be challenging to engage every single athlete. But, at LFT, that It what we are great at! We are going to individualize your group experience. Can't do a strict pull-up, let us add a band. Still too much? Let us use the TRX. Handstand pushups not in our wheel house yet? Well, there is a process to get there. We will help you do just that!

Will we host seminars this July?

That is the plan. Month + members get FREE seminars, so be on the lookout for those announcements.

What skill interests you?

  • Pullups

  • Handstand pushups and walks

  • Barbell movements

  • Box Jumps

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